Web Materials Submission Guidelines


The AETC NCRC welcomes submissions of training and reference materials from the AETC network. One of the goals of the AETC NCRC is to help prevent unnecessary duplication of effort by making quality training materials available to AETC network trainers and program planners.

All AETC materials must first be submitted to HRSA HAB through your regional office. The regional offices are responsible for reviewing submissions for accuracy and quality before they are sent to your HRSA Office of Program Support project officer for final approval. Project officers will include the AETC NCRC in their correspondence to regional offices about approval status so approved materials can be added to the AETC NCRC website quickly.

Tips and FAQs

  • Speaker notes add tremendous value to PowerPoint presentations. Please include them in submitted presentations whenever possible.
  • Remember that publishing on a website is different than presenting to a small group of colleagues. Consider removing slides with personal references or those which use images or tables that may be copyrighted (unless you have permission from the copyright holder). Learn more about image attribution on the web.
  • Our Web Materials Usage Guidelines provide some information about what we consider appropriate usage of materials on the AETC NCRC website.
  • For examples of appropriate citation, see our Using and Adapting Slides Frequently Asked Questions.

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