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U.S. Health Care Information, Counseling, and Referrals for Mexicans and Their Families / Información, asesoría y referencias acerca de servicios de salud en Estados Unidos para mexicanos y sus familias 10/1/2012
Traveling to Mexico and Latin America: A Guide for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS / Viajes a México y Latinoamérica: Una guía para personas con VIH/SIDA 8/6/2012
Rapid HIV Testing: It's Important 1/1/2010
Rapid Testing in the Labor & Delivery Setting: Provider Guide to Discussion 1/1/2010
Rapid HIV Testing: It's Important: Patient education flyers 1/1/2010
Take Care of Yourself and Your Family After Your Baby is Born: Patient education brochures 1/1/2010
Sample Script for Routine Prenatal and 3rd Trimester HIV Testing in the OB Outpatient Setting 1/1/2010
BE SAFE: Un modelo de competencia cultural para latinos (español) 1/1/2010
Testing HIV Positive - Do I Have AIDS? 12/1/2009
Are You Covered?: Talk to me 9/1/2009
HIV during Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, and after Birth: Health Information for HIV Positive Pregnant Women 5/1/2009
Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences 1/1/2006
Side Effects of Anti-HIV Medications 10/1/2005
What is the role of rapid testing for US-Mexico border and migrant populations? 4/1/2005
Kaleidoscope of Care: Responding to the Challenges of HIV and Substance Use 8/1/2004
Quality Management Technical Assistance Manual 1/1/2004
HIV and Hepatitis C Coinfection 10/15/2002
Principios De Manejo De Salud Oral Para El Paciente Pediátrico Con El VIH/Sida: Un Curso De Entrenamiento Para El Profesional 6/1/2002
Cuidado de la Salud y el VIH: Guía Nutricional Para Profesionales de la Salud y Pacientes 6/1/2002
Principios de Manejo de Salud Oral Para El Paciente con El VIH/SIDA: Un Curso de Entrenamiento Para El Profesional 6/1/2000
Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide 1/1/2000