Evaluating AETC NCRC Partnerships for Impact

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The AETC NCRC provides education, training, and capacity building resources for the AETC Program to support the mission to offer timely, high quality, state-of-the-science information to healthcare professionals working with existing and emerging populations affected by HIV in the U.S and its territories. The goal is to promote and support the learning opportunities offered through the AETC Program and assist with the transformation of care delivery for PWH. One way the AETC NCRC accomplishes this goal is through the coordination and facilitation of the AETC Program Communities of Practice & Learning (COPL) workgroups, i.e., Practice Transformation, Rural Health, and HIV/HCV Co-infection. These national workgroups were developed to address unique needs and challenges in accessing and maintaining quality care for underserved populations living with HIV. The NCRC provides a forum for COPL members to share information, resources, and best practices, and offers TA to assist COPL groups with workflow challenges or other obstacles with partnering clinics and programs within their jurisdictions. Using the PARTNER tool, the NCRC assesses relationships within COPL workgroups by identifying common themes, challenges, successes, and solutions across groups, while evaluating their impact to inform meaningful change.

This poster was presented at the 2018 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment.

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