AETC Program Design Files, Templates & Resources

These files and templates are available for AETC Program staff and affiliates to download and use for their program work. We ask that you request permission before using the AETC NCRC graphic in materials, and suggest that you consult with your local or regional director before using the AETC Program graphic in materials.


Identity System Files for Download
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Regional Map

Style Guide


How to:

Style Guide

Contact your regional office for regional visual identity graphics

Style Guide

You can download the fonts used in the AETC Program visual identity system at the links below. Open the file and there should be a button at the top that says “Install.”

Color Palette:

Cover slide


  • Download the AETC Program Infographic PDF, PNG or PPTX, which illustrates the AETC Program's role in helping to achieve an HIV/AIDS-free generation. 

Impact ncrc

  • Download the Measuring the Impact of the AETC NCRC infographic PDF or PPTX, which summarizes how the AETC NCRC supports the work of the AETC Program.



     Email [email protected] to order promotional postcards 


NHC poster




    Email [email protected] to order promotional postcards (posters are out of stock)

HIV HCV logo
  • HIV & Hepatitis C Coinfection Awareness stethoscope ID tags (limited quantities available). Email [email protected] to place an order