Announcement Item Submissions

Email Distribution Lists

The AETC NCRC uses the MailChimp mailing list software to send newsletters and special announcements for time-sensitive information. See the Members page for other ways to reach AETC faculty and staff.

  • The newsletter is published quarterly (March, June, September & December)
  • Monthly Updates are published on the 8 months of the year when quarterly newsletters are not published.
  • Each digest is disseminated to our regional, local and national AETC mailing list, and to our general website subscribers’ mailing list, which consists of HIV care providers and advocates who are not affiliated with the AETCs. Combined, this list is comprised of over 8000 names.
  • We are also able to send messages to targeted segments like local & regional AETCs only or AETC Program Medical Directors or committees.

The kinds of information we promote in newsletters and monthly updates are conferences, webinars or trainings that are open to a national audience; new and updated resources; funding opportunity announcements; AETC Program job openings; peer-reviewed articles and ShareSpot stories.

When submitting content for an upcoming digest, please make sure your information includes:

  • Title, date, time, location, and sponsor of your event
  • Title and source of your material
  • Target audience and description of your item or event
  • CE information, if applicable
  • Registration information and link, if applicable
  • Deadlines, if applicable
  • Contact name and email address, if applicable

Submit newsletter items no later than the date posted below.

Submit monthly update items by the last Friday of the month for the digest of the following month. Use this form to submit events or contact Judy Collins if you have any questions regarding this format.

THE NEXT NEWSLETTER WILL POST MARCH 2024. Submission deadline is February 23, 2024.

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