HIV & Oral Health Webinar Series Part 4: Substance Use Disorders and Oral Health

New England AETC Local Partner


(Recorded 3/14/23)

Samantha Rawlins-Pilgrim, MD, MSc, and Tara Prasad, DMD, discuss substance use disorders, HIV, and their oral health implications as encountered in their practice at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. These oral health implications are not unlike those seen in other patients with SUD.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the current trends in substance use disorders and HIV infection rates nationally and in the Boston area. 
  2. Describe the oral presentations and dental implications of opioid, cannabis, methamphetamine, and cocaine use.
  3. Review oral health trends among patients living with HIV.
  4. Discuss how to mitigate the oral health risks of medication-assisted treatment.
  5. Identify opportunities for interprofessional collaboration to support and promote the oral health of vulnerable patients.
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