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Medical Case Management Curriculum

This multi-module curriculum is designed specifically for Medical Case Managers.

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  1. Cultural Awareness Basics
  2. Health Literacy and...
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Passport to Cure

Passport to Cure is an interactive patient engagement brochure. It helps clients track clinic visits and monitor their HCV treatment progress to achie...

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Let's Talk about Sex

Slide set provides an overview of HIV and STI testing in the primary care setting; reviews current recommendations for STI screening in the general po...

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HIV Transmission PrEP/nPEP

This presentation is designed for oral health providers. It covers the following:

  • current demographics of HIV and the disparities in race/ethnicity
  • mode...
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Understanding Frailty

Training slides define frailty and review how to recognize, assess and clinically address frailty in older adults with HIV.

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HIV Resource Library

New England AETC's HIV Resource Library is a compilation of curated resources and education packets on HIV, viral hepatitis, and related public health...

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HIV Testing & Care Journey


Series of videos that shine a light on the HIV testing experiences of four individuals. The videos describe the journeys and lived experie...

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Trauma Informed HIV Care


This trauma-informed HIV care webinar was a virtual workshop for community health workers, testing and counseling staff, case managers, an...

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HIV In Primary Care Update

(Recorded 9/16/22)


This multidisciplinary program for primary care teams provides updates on discussing important emerging areas of HIV med...

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IAS Update 2023


(Recorded 8/9/23)

Presenters provide significant findings and key updates from the 24th International AIDS Conference. 


Kenneth May...

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HIV 101

Training slide cover the following:

  • Key terms: HIV, CD4 cell, AIDS, viral load, ARV, adherence, and undetectability
  • Demographics of people with or at ri...
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HIV 101

Training slides review the basics of HIV including history, transmission, testing, and treatment. It provides information about the variety of service...

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Pneumocystis in HIV


This Training slide demonstrates how to recognize the clinical features of Pneumocystis infection in persons with HIV (PWH). Identify meth...

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HIV 101

Training slides review current statistics of HIV epidemiology, testing, and screening, identify at-risk groups for HIV infection, and linkage to care...

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The Agility of the AETC Program: Mobilizing a National Network to Address Healthcare Professionals' Needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the end of the national and public health emergency declarations for COVID-19 on May 11, 2023, it's a good time to reflect on the journey we started nearly three years ago. The outbreak of a new and unknown disease brought many challenges, but for some, it was not their first pandemic experienc...