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Northeast/Caribbean AETC

Central Office
HIV Center, Columbia University, Dept. of Psychiatry
601 West 168th St #46
New York, NY 10032

phone: (646) 774-6978
fax: (212) 568-3060
email: [email protected]

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Regional Scope

The Northeast/Caribbean AETC serves New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands through its central office and local partners.


For HIV training, technical assistance, and/or capacity building assistance any where in the Northeast/Caribbean AETC region, contact Gracine Lewis or Nadine Nader

Resources: 23

Title Publication Datesort ascending Review Date
Oral Health Affects Your Whole Body 9/25/2020
HIV & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder during COVID-19 9/18/2020
Use of Multi-disciplinary Teams to Identify and Address Special Cause Variation in Patient Outcomes 9/4/2020
HIV and COVID-19: Practical Considerations for Care 8/19/2020
Loss and Grief during the COVID-19 Pandemic 8/19/2020
COVID-19 and People with HIV Q&A Fact Sheets 7/13/2020
Direct-acting Antiviral (DAA) Prior Authorization Letter Templates 6/10/2020
COVID-19 Transmission and Infection Prevention/Control Strategies 6/3/2020
COVID-19 & Dental Health Care: Patient and Provider Challenges 6/1/2020
Hepatitis C: Getting Cured Is Easier than Ever 2/26/2019 11/29/2019
Northeast/Caribbean AETC On-Demand Video Series 2/5/2019 9/19/2020
HIV and HCV Drug Interactions: Quick Guides for Clinicians 2/1/2019
Myths about Treating Substance Users with Hepatitis C Virus 11/27/2018 10/6/2019
Flyer: Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment in People with HIV 6/29/2018 11/19/2019
Hep C Free Postcard 5/31/2018 11/29/2019
Passport to Cure 3/9/2018 11/29/2019
HIV/HCV Co-infection: An AETC National Curriculum 7/13/2017 12/29/2019
Care of People Aging with HIV: Northeast/Caribbean AETC Toolkit 6/9/2017 3/8/2019
Drug Interactions with Oral Contraceptives and HIV Medications 2015 5/3/2017 5/3/2017
Update from the 2017 Conference on Retroviruses & Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 4/13/2017
Viral Hepatitis: Update on Hepatitis B 3/17/2017
Endocrinology & the Transgender Patient 2/24/2017
Certification Resources for Health Care Professionals 2/3/2014 4/18/2019

Articles: 4