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Regional Scope

The Pacific AETC serves Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and the 6 U.S.-affiliated  Pacific Jurisdictions through its central office and local partners.


For HIV training, technical assistance, and/or capacity building assistance any where in the Pacific AETC region, contact Prescott Chow.

Resources: 29

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The Nature of Addiction and HIV 7/1/2018
How Change Happens: Substance Use Disorders and HIV/AIDS 7/1/2018
Brand and Generic Names of ARVs in the United States and Mexico 6/20/2018
Linkage and Retention in Care for Patients Living with HIV 2/28/2018
Heroin, Prescription Opioids, and HIV: What Clinicians Need to Know 1/1/2018
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Opioid Users 1/1/2018
Never Mix, Never Worry: What Clinicians Need to Know about HIV and Psychotropics 9/20/2017
HIVLN Session: A Provider’s Approach to Medicinal Marijuana Use among People Living with HIV in the Era of Legalization 6/8/2017
Information for Health Care Providers with Patients Who Have Been Detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 1/17/2017
Substance Use, HIV, and Women: What Providers Need to Know 12/12/2016
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Women with Substance Use Disorders 12/7/2016
Assisting HIV Patients Returning to Mexico and Central America / Asistiendo a los Pacientes que Regresan a México y Centroamérica 10/17/2016
Smoking and HIV: What Clinicians Need to Know 9/15/2016
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Tobacco Users 9/15/2016
The Effects of Stigma on People Living with HIV in Rural America 8/25/2016
Substance Use, HIV, and Older Adults: What Clinicians Need to Know 10/12/2015
Pacific AETC On-Demand Webinars 7/1/2015
Archive Genotype Resistance Testing in the Setting of Regimen Switching 6/11/2015
Aging and PrEP 5/19/2015
Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw 4/1/2015
PrEP and Older Adults: Is It Needed? 4/1/2015
Substance Use, HIV, and Youth: What Clinicians Need to Know 10/17/2014
Short and Simple: Screening and Brief Intervention Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Alcohol and Drug Users 10/2/2014
Short and Simple: Substance Use Screening and Brief Intervention in HIV Care Settings 10/1/2014
Tips for Implementing Routine HIV Screening on the U.S. - Mexico Border 6/20/2014
AETC Health Care Disparities Collaborative Webinar: UCLA PAETC MAI Workforce Development Project: Developing the Next Generation of Spanish-Speaking HIV Providers 5/23/2014
E-learn Collaborative Webinar: Using Google Analytics 5/13/2014
Certification Resources for Health Care Professionals 2/3/2014
E-learn Collaborative Webinar: Learning Management Systems: What the Heck Are They, and How Do You Pick One? 12/3/2013

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