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Midwest AETC

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago
Department of Family and Community Medicine
1919 West Taylor, 8th Floor (MC 779)
Chicago, IL 60612

phone: (312) 996-1373
fax: (312) 413-4184
email: [email protected]

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Regional Scope

The Midwest AETC serves Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin through its central office and local partners.


For HIV training, technical assistance, and/or capacity building assistance any where in Midwest AETC region, contact Teresa Haro.


Articles: 1

  • Evolving: A Journey in Practice Transformation

    Kirsten R Corrigan's picture

    I remember driving to Chicago on my first day as a Midwest AETC Practice Transformation (PT) Coach. I was filled with both excitement and apprehension to participate in a  intensive training titled Building Blocks of High Performing Primary Care. While the concepts of PT were familiar to...

A two-column table showing the date and hyperlinked title of upcoming events for this office.
Day Title
HIV Care & Oral Health – An Update
Event type: Webinars
2/14 (All day) to 2/18 (All day)
Epidemiology of HIV
Event type: Webinars
HIV Immunopathology and HIV Screening/Testing
Event type: Webinars
Antiretroviral Therapy
Event type: Webinars
3/7 (All day) to 3/11 (All day)
Risk Reduction and PrEP
Event type: Webinars
Clinical Manifestations of HIV/AIDS and Opportunistic Infections
Event type: Webinars
Living Well with HIV
Event type: Webinars