Implementing Long-Acting Antiretroviral Therapy in Clinic: Sharing Our Experience


Learning Objectives:

  • Recall processes and data from long-acting antiretroviral clinical trials
  • Discuss why patients may desire long-acting antiretroviral therapy
  • Identify patients who are best candidates for long-acting antiretroviral therapy in commercial use
  • Discuss cost and process for obtaining access to long-acting antiretroviral therapy through a variety of medical and pharmacy benefit programs
  • Begin to formulate an implementation process for long-acting antiretroviral therapy for patients in our clinics


Susan Swindells, MBBS

Christine D. Tran, DNP, APRN

Josh Havens, PharmD

Maureen Kubat, RN


Sara Bares, MD

Received research grants to the University of Nebraska Medical Center from Gilead Sciences, ViiV Healthcare, and Jannsen

Nikki Regan, APRN

Deanna Hansen

Susan Tusher, LMSW

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