MidAtlantic AETC

University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
130 DeSoto Street
A427 Crabtree Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

phone: (412) 624-1895
fax: (412) 624-4767

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Regional Scope

The MidAtlantic AETC serves Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsyvania, Virginia, and West Virgina through its central office and local partners.


For HIV training, technical assistance, and/or capacity building assistance any where in the MidAtlantic AETC region, contact Dr. Linda Rose Frank.

Articles: 1

Day Title
1/8 to 1/12
AETC Partner Registration: Diagnosis, Care and Management of People Living with HIV
The Facts
Warm Handoffs from Medical Providers to Drug Treatment Providers
Event type: Webinars
The Fundamentals of Prevention Counseling
Implementing Routine Testing in a Methadone Treatment Site
Event type: Webinars
Trauma Informed Care Series for Institute of Human Virology Clinical Providers
3/19 to 3/22
HIV Medical Management: Clinical and Didactic Experience for Providers