How one AETC is Addressing Accessibility and 508 Compliance

Web developers and digital content creators know that website accessibility and 508 compliance is a critical requirement. Their websites and web materials must meet all the accessibility laws and regulations. To ensure equal access to information for all, including those with disabilities. Because the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) AETCs facilitate the transfer of high-quality clinical HIV information to healthcare professionals, it is essential that content is developed with accessibility laws and standards in mind. Clinical experts and training colleagues who are asked to participate in training events may not be fully aware of the accessibility standards and may not know the steps for making their materials compliant. To make it easier for invited speakers to submit 508 compliant and website-ready materials, Maya Gil-Cantu, E-Learning Consultant at Pacific AETC’s Los Angeles Charles Drew University regional partner, created a tip sheet for presenters to assist with this process.

"With our training efforts expanding to the digital world, learning how to offer accessible materials online does not have to be complicated. This tip sheet was designed to provide clear guidelines for trainers to follow when developing 508 compliant PowerPoint presentations designed for online platforms or distribution." ~Maya Gil-Cantu

The Presenter 508 Compliance Tip Sheet is a list of best practices to aid in the development of compliant slide presentations and includes links to YouTube videos for further understanding. The document can be found here. Visit the RWHAP AETC NCRC’s Accessibility Policy page which, outlines the expectations for all materials submitted for posting on the website and provides links to additional resources and more information.

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