Training Program & Presentation Design

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Presenter 508 Compliance Tip Sheet

Developed for presenters to provide guidance on what to keep in mind when making slide presentations 508 compliant. It includes a list of best practices with links to YouTube tutorials if users choose...

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QuizTime Courses

(Available until 6/30/2023)

These 18-20 question quizzes cover essential aspects of HIV oral health and prevention, diagnosis and treatment to help end the HIV epidemic.

QuizTime delivers one multiple...

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AETC NCRC YouTube Submission Guidelines

This document provides guidance on how to submit material for the AETC NCRC YouTube Channel, and outlines what to consider when selecting videos for consideration. Additional resources that offer tips...

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AETC Program Collaborations

This infographic is a snapshot of how AETC NRC activities support and embrace the expertise of the broader AETC community and other national organizations. These interactions help bring to life - in a...

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Website Accessibility Infographic

This infographic illustrates the importance of making your online resources and program activities accessible for all users, and provides strategies and tips for starting the process of improving your...

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How one Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part F AIDS Education & Training Center (AETC) is Addressing Accessibility and 508 Compliance

Web developers and digital content creators know that website accessibility and 508 compliance is a critical requirement. Their websites and web materials must meet all the accessibility laws and regulations. To ensure equal access to information for all, including those with disabilities. Because t...