Workforce Development Model For Providers in HIV Care


The continuum of care model for clinicians (defined as prescribers: nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, and – in some states – pharmacists) is based on a spectrum of care model originally developed by the Northwest AETC, in February 2010.

The model includes knowledge, attitudes, and clinical skill competencies needed to function effectively at each level. The continuum nature of the model does not mean to imply that all clinicians should strive to become expert providers; excellent care providers are needed at all levels and the model helps to identify skills needed at each level. The model suggests education/capacity building methods to help prescribers attain competencies at each level and move from one level of care to the next, as needed and/or desired. The model has been developed in several iterations, including an initial expert review by six HIV expert clinicians (3 physicians and 3 NPs), who reviewed the model and provided formative input that was incorporated into the developing model.

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