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In Brief: HIV and Hepatitis News

In Brief consists of concise summaries of the latest information about HIV, hepatitis, and health disparities organized by topic for easy review. Each item includes links to source materials and resou...

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COVID-19 Update for People with HIV

Three sets of training slides covering what providers treating people with HIV should know about COVID-19. Overall learning objectives include identifying risk factors for and strategies to reduce sev...

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AETC National HIV Curriculum

The National HIV Curriculum (NHC) provides free, up-to-date content for clinicians to learn about HIV diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The 37 lessons and corresponding question bank topics offer...

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HIV Resource Library

New England AETC's HIV Resource Library is a compilation of curated resources and education packets on HIV, viral hepatitis, and related public health topics.

Each Library topic page is an organized li...

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IAS Update 2021 Webinar

(Recorded 8/11/21)

This recording includes updates from the virtual IAS 2021 Conference.


Kenneth Mayer, MD

Rebecca Zash, MD

Rajesh Gandhi, MD...

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Monkeypox Update

(Recorded 8/11/22)

Learning Objectives:

After this learning session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe epidemiology and historical perspective of Monkeypox
  2. Understand Monkeypox clinical manifestations i...
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HIV and Vaccinations

This webinar recording will inform healthcare workers about the risks, benefits, and eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 vaccine and booster(s), influenza vaccine, MPX vaccine, and other routine vac...

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HIV & Aging


  • Identify issues associated with treating older individuals with HIV infection
  • Discuss epidemiology and risk factors of co-morbidities in HIV-positive patients
  • Recommend management strategies f...
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Creative Responses to COVID-19

From our colleagues at TargetHIV, Creative Responses to COVID-19 highlights some of the approaches Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees are taking to respond to clinic changes and provider and patient needs during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. The blog post underlines three programmatic areas...

TargetHIV: Tools for HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program