Sexually Transmitted Infections

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National STD Curriculum

The National STD Curriculum is a free educational Web site from the University of Washington STD Prevention and Training Center and the University of Washington. This project is funded by a grant from...

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Let's Talk about Sex

Slide set provides an overview of HIV and STI testing in the primary care setting; reviews current recommendations for STI screening in the general population, and in higher-risk individuals; reviews...

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AETC National HIV Curriculum

The National HIV Curriculum (NHC) provides free, up-to-date content for clinicians to learn about HIV diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The 37 lessons and corresponding question bank topics offer...

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HIV Resource Library

New England AETC's HIV Resource Library is a compilation of curated resources and education packets on HIV, viral hepatitis, and related public health topics.

Each Library topic page is an organized li...

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Managing Sexual Health in Adolescents

Recorded on 6/14/2021


This presentation discussed a status neutral approach in addressing sexual health in adolescents and includes information regarding preventing and addressing STIs and HIV...

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Training slides review the epidemiology for HIV/STIs in Michigan and nationally, screening guidelines, and available HIV/STI informational resources.

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HIV Primary Care Update

(Recorded 9/16/22)

This multidisciplinary program for primary care teams provides updates on discussing important emerging areas of HIV medicine as they relate to today’s primary care practices...

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