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Title Publish Datesort ascending Review Date
COVID-19 Case-Based Discussion (webinar recording) 6/4/2020
COVID-19: Continuity of HIV Care for Persons with HIV (webinar recording) 6/2/2020
Structural Inequity (webinar recording) 6/2/2020
COVID-19 and Homelessness (webinar recording) 6/2/2020
COVID-19 in Special Populations (webinar recording) 6/2/2020
TeleHealth for PrEP (webinar recording) 6/2/2020
Science and Law - Navigating through COVID-19 (webinar recording) 5/21/2020
Recording: PrEP and Informatics 5/21/2020 6/19/2020
CROI Update on the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Clinicians Need to Know 5/7/2020
COVID-19 Update: What Do You Need to Know 5/7/2020
Care for the Caregiver: Fear of the Unknown (webinar recording) 5/7/2020
Recording: PrEP at Home Webinar 4/29/2020 6/19/2020
Harm Reduction Initiative in KY: Lessons Learned 11/6/2019
Viral Hepatitis in People with HIV: A Case-based Primer 10/30/2019
Webinar: The Ryan White Program Opiate Epidemic Response in WV 10/23/2019
Navigating Sexual Health in the Era of PrEP 9/20/2019
E-Learn Committee Recordings 2015-2019 6/21/2019
Models of Hepatitis C Care for People with Substance Use Disorders: Creating Treatment Champions 6/20/2019
Southeast Practice Transformation Expansion Project (SEPTEP): An Overview Presentation 2/7/2019
Culturally Appropriate Engagement and Service Delivery with Latino/as to Enhance Linkage and Retention to HIV Primary Care 12/20/2018
Anal Cancer Screening for People with HIV (webinar recording) 11/15/2018
Stigma Can’t Win: HIV and Hep B Among African Immigrants (webinar recording) 11/8/2018
14th Annual National Conference on HIV/AIDS & Aging Recordings 11/8/2018
CROI Update 2018 3/21/2018
HIVLN Session: A Provider’s Approach to Medicinal Marijuana Use among People with HIV in the Era of Legalization 6/8/2017
Update from the 2017 Conference on Retroviruses & Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 4/13/2017
Viral Hepatitis: Update on Hepatitis B 3/17/2017
Endocrinology & the Transgender Patient 2/24/2017
Drug Interactions Involving Medications for HIV, HCV and Mental Health Conditions 1/12/2017
Transgender Healthcare 11/15/2016
Impact of Health Literacy Across the HIV Treatment Cascade 11/14/2016
Identification and Management of Personality Disorders and How They can Affect HIV/AIDS Care 11/4/2016
HIV-Related Stigma in Health Care Settings 10/20/2016
Methamphetamine Use Among MSM 10/7/2016
Building Providers’ Capacity to Provide Culturally Appropriate Care: African, African-American, and Caribbean Women 8/5/2016
HIPAA Enforcement: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure 6/15/2016
MidAtlantic AETC On Demand Webinars 6/8/2016
Real-Time Clinician Consultation Services for Substance Use Management 4/11/2016
The 4 C’s of Patient Centered Care 4/7/2016
Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Resources 3/9/2016
The Why, What, and How of Interprofessional Collaboration 1/19/2016
HIV and AIDS in American Indian/Alaska Native Populations in the United States: An Overview of the Epidemiology and Discussion of Challenges Along the Continuum of Care 3/28/2014 5/8/2019

Archive Resources: 26

Title Publish Datesort ascending Review Date
E-Learn Committee Webinar: #AETCApproved: Leveraging National, Regional & Local AETC Social Media Efforts 5/19/2016 5/8/2019
E-Learn Committee Webinar: Caption This! Update on Section 508 Compliance and Captioning Options 9/30/2015 5/8/2019
Testosterone 101 8/18/2015 5/8/2019
Managing HIV in the 21st Century: Biology/Behavior and the Social Determinants of HIV Transmission 7/15/2015 5/8/2019
Rural vs. Non-Rural HIV Care Continuum Differences: Study Results and AETC Program Interventions 6/17/2015 5/8/2019
HIV and Aging 6/11/2015 5/8/2019
Implementing PrEP for HIV Prevention: State-wide Initiatives and Provider Experiences 6/4/2015 5/8/2019
PrEP for HIV Prevention: Real World Clinical Case Studies 4/30/2015 5/8/2019
Trauma Smart: The Trauma Informed Practice Overview 4/17/2015 5/8/2019
HIV Infection and Cardiovascular Disease 4/7/2015 5/8/2019
Retention in HIV Medical Care: Risk Factors, Interventions, and Identifying Those in Need of Support 3/11/2015 5/8/2019
Renal Issues in the Patient with HIV 3/3/2015 5/8/2019
Simplifying Antiretroviral (ARV) Regimens: It's not so simple 2/19/2015 1/3/2020
Disclosure, Confidentiality, and Decision-Making: Ethics in HIV Care 1/8/2015 5/8/2019
Pulmonary Complications of HIV Infection 12/11/2014 5/8/2019
Health Disparities Collaborative Webinar: What to do with Social Determinants of HIV? 12/10/2014 5/8/2019
Major Depression: A Medical Comorbidity of HIV Infection 11/13/2014 5/8/2019
Health Disparities Collaborative Webinar: HIV Testing and Treatment in Arizona's American Indian Communities 9/10/2014 5/8/2019
Update in Cardiovascular Health for the HIV Provider 9/4/2014 5/8/2019
AETC Health Care Disparities Collaborative Webinar: UCLA PAETC MAI Workforce Development Project: Developing the Next Generation of Spanish-Speaking HIV Providers 5/23/2014 5/8/2019
Transgender Women, Hormone Therapy, and HIV 5/22/2014 5/8/2019
Graying of the HIV Epidemic: The Intersection of Menopause and HIV 4/17/2014 5/8/2019
Smoking & HIV: Time for Action 3/28/2014 5/8/2019
Methamphetamine and HIV in the Native American Population 3/28/2014 5/8/2019
On-Demand: HIV & Meth 3/28/2014 5/8/2019
Achieving "Functional" Cure: Eliminating the Latent HIV Reservoir 3/13/2014 5/8/2019