The AETC National Clinicians Consultation Center (NCCC) provides tele-consultation and guidance on SARS-CoV-2-related inquiries as they pertain to HIV, HCV, and substance use-related prevention and treatment efforts, including PrEP and PEP care, HIV and HCV testing and management, and substance use disorder evaluation and management during the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Update for People with HIV

Three sets of training slides covering what providers treating people with HIV should know about COVID-19. Overall learning objectives include identifying risk factors for and strategies to reduce sev...

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Structural Inequity

(Recorded May 14, 2020)

Presented by Dr. Bisola Ojikutu, this session discussed racial and ethnic disparities in the time of COVID-19, highlighted data on disparities in COVID-19 diagnosis and mortalit...

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COVID-19, HIV, and Housing Instability

Session 2 of the AETC Program HIV and SARS-CoV-2 Winter Webinar Series (recorded 12/17/20). Presenters discussed the risk, incidence, and impact of COVID-19 on people with HIV, and linking homeless/ho...

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COVID-19 Vaccine: 3rd Doses & Boosters

Training slides review recommendations and patient eligibility, and provide supporting data for administering 3rd COVID-19 vaccine doses and boosters to people with HIV.

Note: due to rapidly emerging i...

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17th Annual Conference on HIV & Aging

(Recorded 9/9/2021)

Recording of updates from the virtual "17th Annual National Conference on HIV and Aging" program. Presenters include Philip Bolduc, MD, AAHIVS; Betsy John, MPH; Gary Spinner, PA, MP...

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COVID-19 Hot Topics

Training slides provide an overview of COVID-19 including pathogenesis, management & treatment therapies, and current circulating variants.

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CROI 2022 Update

Training slides provide an update on the epidemiology of HIV in the U.S., antiretrovirals, PrEP, the HIV “cure” case, COVID-19 prevention & treatment, and more from CROI 2022.

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IAS Update 2021 Webinar

(Recorded 8/11/21)

This recording includes updates from the virtual IAS 2021 Conference.


Kenneth Mayer, MD

Rebecca Zash, MD

Rajesh Gandhi, MD...

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Creative Responses to COVID-19

From our colleagues at TargetHIV, Creative Responses to COVID-19 highlights some of the approaches Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees are taking to respond to clinic changes and provider and patient needs during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. The blog post underlines three programmatic areas...

TargetHIV: Tools for HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Short Bites: Personal Protective Equipment Optimization

With the number of Coronavirus cases surpassing 7.3 million and 210,000 deaths in the United States, dental offices continue to be faced with shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). Surge capacity refers to the ability to manage a sudden increase in patient volume that would severely chall...