AETC Representation at the 2022 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment

Click on each date/tab below to reveal the schedule of AETC Program sessions and poster presentations planned for the 2022 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment. The AETC National Coordinating Resource Center will also be exhibiting and promoting AETC Program training materials, services, and clinical resources. This page will be updated frequently; continue to check back for updates and the complete schedule.

Panelists/Presenters Session TitleSession TypeSession ID#Time
Midwest AETC-COEffective Strategies for Integrating the National HIV Curriculum into the Curricula of Health Professions Programs90 minute workshop208924:45-6:15 PM
SPNS Project with AETC National Coordinating Resource Center and Florida Regional Partner, Southeast AETCEvidenced-Based Interventions to Improve Routine Screening and Testing of Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections90 minute workshop204564:45-6:15 PM
MidAtlantic AETC, New England AETC, AETC National Coordinating Resource Center & National Clinician Consultation CenterWhere There is No Classroom: Remote Learning Transformation during the COVID-19 Pandemic 90 minute workshop 21131 4:45-6:15 PM
Panelists/PresentersSession TitleSession TypeSession ID#Time
AETC National Coordinating Resource CenterTips for Managing Digital Design Projects60 minute presentation205393:30-4:30 PM
Mountain West AETC: Oregon AETC; Utah AETC; and WA AETCImplementing an Academic Detailing Program During a Pandemic: Strategies, Best Practices and Lessons Learned60 minute presentation205673:30- 4:30 PM
Massachusetts Regional Partner, New England AETCDesigning and Implementing an HIV Community Health Worker Advisory Group: An EHE Initiative in Massachusetts60 minute presentation206164:45-5:45 PM
Southeast AETCInnovative Approaches to Increasing the HIV Workforce through Interprofessional Education60 minute presentation205994:45- 5:45 PM
Northeast/Caribbean AETCIntegration of Clinical Service Utilization Data in Community-Based Organization Service Planning60 minute presentation208134:45-5:45 PM
Panelists/PresentersSession TitleSession TypeSession ID#Time
Mountain West AETC, I-TECH, HRSABidirectional Capacity Building Lessons Shared Between the U.S. Ryan White AETC Program and PEPFAR Countries90 minute workshop1103110:30 AM-12:00 PM
Panelists/PresentersSession TitleSession TypeSession ID#Time
Midwest AETC -COImpact of Longitudinal Training Programs on the HIV Workforce: The Clinician Scholars Program60 minute presentation2087011:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Northeast/Caribbean AETCThe Journey of the Stigma and Resilience Coalition to End Intersectional Stigma in HIV Settings60 minute presentation2064811:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Northeast/Caribbean AETC - François-Xavier Bagnoud Center, Newark Eligible Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Mountain West AETCA Seat at the Table: The Vital Role of Consumer Collaboration to End the HIV Epidemic60 minute presentation2081212:30-1:30 PM
Midwest AETC -MN/IAHarnessing Local AETC Partnerships, Resources and Clinic Staff to Jumpstart Quality Improvement/Practice Transformation Projects60 minute presentation2047412:30-1:30 PM
AETC National Coordinating Resource Center - HIV Co-morbidity CPLIntegrating Behavioral Health into Primary HIV Care— Covering the Bases60 minute presentation2043912:30-1:30 PM
Northeast/Caribbean AETC, Mountain West AETCTransforming the Capacity Builders60 minute presentation2079412:30-1:30 PM
Midwest AETC -MN/IAUsing Practice Transformation in Clinic and Outreach Settings to respond to an HIV Outbreak 90 minute workshop205893:30-5:00 PM
PresentersPoster TitleSession ID#Time
Connecticut Regional Partner, New England AETCImplementing an HIV Ambulatory Curriculum in Internal Medicine Residency Programs20647All
Connecticut Regional Partner, New England AETCStaff in Ryan White Centers Demonstrate Improved Awareness Related to PrEP20747All
Regional Office, New England AETCPractice Transformation: Improvements in Outcomes Along the HIV Care Continuum at Clinics in New England20559All
Midwest AETC, OH-Cincinnati Engaging New PrEP Prescribers Through an Online Microlearning Course 20481All
South Central AETC, UT Health San AntonioDevelopment and Implementation of Virtual HIV Clinical Preceptorships during COVID-1920651All

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