Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

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Practice Transformation Curriculum

This multi-module curriculum is designed for all health-care providers and covers various topics.

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  • PT101 – The First 3 Months a...
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Let's Talk about Sex

Slide set provides an overview of HIV and STI testing in the primary care setting; reviews current recommendations for STI screening in the general po...

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HIV Transmission PrEP/nPEP

This presentation is designed for oral health providers. It covers the following:

  • current demographics of HIV and the disparities in race/ethnicity
  • mode...
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PrEP-ing Native Communities

Honoring National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, these training slides review how to start a PrEP program in clinical settings that serve the native c...

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HIV Resource Library

New England AETC's HIV Resource Library is a compilation of curated resources and education packets on HIV, viral hepatitis, and related public health...

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PrEP Infographic

Developed by the Northeast/Caribbean AETC's Puerto Rico Regional Partner, this 1-page infographic is designed for providers to help increase patient a...

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QuizTime Courses

(Available until 6/30/2023)

These 18-20 question quizzes cover essential aspects of HIV oral health and prevention, diagnosis and treatment to help end...

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PrEP for HIV

Training slides review the background and importance of PrEP in the Southeast and identify provider and patient barriers to PrEP, PrEP eligibility, pr...

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Updates to PrEP 2022

Training slides review changes to the CDC PrEP Guidelines, updated in December 2021.

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PrEP Guidelines 2021 Update

Training slides review new guidelines for PrEP, and the role of HIV RNA and Antigen/Antibody testing in evaluating HIV while on PrEP.

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HIV Primary Care Update

(Recorded 9/16/22)

This multidisciplinary program for primary care teams provides updates on discussing important emerging areas of HIV medicine as the...

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PrEP Action Kit

The PrEP Action Kit includes clinical resources to help providers incorporate PrEP into their practices. It includes tips on taking a comprehensive se...

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AIDS Seminar - PrEP Update


Updates on implementation of oral and injectable PrEP in clinical settings


Dr. Hyman Scott, MD, MPH
Assistant Clinical Professor, UC...

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IAS Update 2023


(Recorded 8/9/23)

Presenters provide significant findings and key updates from the 24th International AIDS Conference. 


Kenneth May...

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Youth and HIV Prevention

Training slides identify risk factors for HIV infection for adolescents and young adults, approaches to assess sexual health and social history, and s...

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HIV PrEP: Future of PrEP

Training slides identify why more PrEP studies and options are needed and review non-FDA-approved strategies for HIV prevention.

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PrEP in 2023

Training slides review the following:

  • 2021 CDC/USPHS PrEP guideline’s recommendations for HIV testing
  • the differences between the delivery of oral vs in...
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HIV PrEP and DoxyPEP

These training slides review the indications and contraindications on use of different types of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), potential use for dox...

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CROI Update: Prevention

These training slides provide updates and impact of use of Doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis (Doxy-PEP) in clinical practice.

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HIV Medications Overview

These guideline slides compare and contrast various antiretroviral therapy (ART) options when initiating treatment for people with HIV, as well as ind...

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CROI 2022 Update

Training slides provide an update on the epidemiology of HIV in the U.S., antiretrovirals, PrEP, the HIV “cure” case, COVID-19 prevention & treatm...

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