Perinatal Transmission

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HIV & Pregnancy

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss factors influencing perinatal HIV transmission
  • Describe strategies for reducing the risk of perinatal HIV, based on the U...
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Breastfeeding in HIV

Training slides review the risk of HIV transmission via breast milk, recognize factors that influence the decisions of women with HIV to breastfeed, a...

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Women's Health and HIV

Training slides review critical health screenings, reproductive considerations, and appropriate perinatal care specific to women with HIV.

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Updates in Antiretroviral Treatment during Pregnancy: Dolutegravir in Late Pregnancy

Although DTG currently is not a desirable medication for women to take pre-conception (see Dolutegravir in Early Pregnancy: Updates on Possible Risk of Neural Tube Defects), findings from the DolPHIN study suggest that it may be a very useful agent for women who start ART during late pregnancy. The...